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i feel like all of us are starng to see what the problems in this country are. i think plenty of people are opinionated. i don't think there's many forums where you can really express yourself or try to make a difference or anything. i mean...wha'...whatdo... what do i do, ya' know? the only people that i'm able to affect are the people who care about what i have to say. there is something you can do, but i'm sure it wouldn't be, uh...easy. different man: i get angry about it, but it's like... ya' know, in my own apartment. [laughs] the state of california. we want to call upon our crater to be with us this evening. stand with us for a few moments. when we believe in a creator, we believe in prayer, we do not separate church and state. to us as indians, this is one in and the same. we include our crater in our celebrations, songs, ceremony. -- we include our creator. bear with me a few moments. i stand before you as a pitiful man. i am full of mistakes. i pray for help tonight from you that we would be able to recognize some of the heroes and our community. those selfish ones
to do this -- >> could this be done as a roll call resolution? >> you can ask for us to prepare our resolution and this will not be voted on today. >> thank you. >> we are recommending approval of both supervisor mirkarimi's supposed amendments regarding the bridge. we have agreed to the one on water usage. the amendment that would have no bridge whatsoever in the project for that would require the more narrow. we are comfortable with the idea that there's sufficient uncertainty around the forty- niners. if and when they decide to come back, we'll have the opportunity to have a full debate with the board of supervisors about what is the best -- of public benefits. in this scenario which is the only -- that we can count on right now, the existence of that bridge for transit purposes is fundamental to both the land use and financial underpinnings of the project. if we have to deal with the uncertainty about whether those fundamental underpinnings were reliable, it would frankly make it impossible for us to move forward with the early phases of the project. the amendment applies no ins
is fundamental to both the land use and financial underpinnings of the project. if we have to deal with the uncertainty about whether those fundamental underpinnings were reliable, it would frankly make it impossible for us to move forward with the early phases of the project. the amendment applies no institutional controls that are factually inaccurate. we have talked about the fact that many here in the land use committee, we will be utilizing the remedy is on the site and institutional controls. the epa has provided an added layer of construction. it would prohibit housing on the shipyard and that is obviously inconsistent with some of the basic land use elements. this would use fuel standards and these are inconsistent with the convenience agreement. this would be unprecedented anywhere in the city, the state, or the country. that is our response. >> i want to clarify for process that while it is critical that we get the feedback, the thank from the sponsors and development, it is clear that what we decide it is not hinge on the feedback that is provided. is that correct? >> ab
as well as 953 o'farrell. that is being used as part of their car storage as well as part of the school of design. that would complipe -- comply with our notice of violation, because our notice asked them to cease and desift. the building there also houses their marketing division. when i toured that building, they had roughly a dozen staff that were in cubicles and they were the arm of the academy of art. we have received also a zoning administrator hearing. 460 townsend is almost next door to 466. 460 townsend actually houses the fine arts program. they have requested a zoning administrate i don't remember hearing. they have asked us to reconsider our notice of violation and penalty. that will be taking place on august 5th. so we have distinguished between the buildings that were purchased earlier and the buildings that were purchased after that time period. are there new ones they are acquiring since that time? >> not to my knowledge. they could have, but we have not been made aware of buildings they have purchased since. we have been working with them on the signage. w
. that is why we celebrate the explorer in all of us. >> and now "bbc news nite." >> the new poor of america. the u.s. federal reserve wants pace of recovery has slowed. we have a special report into how the economic hurricane has millions of middle-class americans on the bread line. >> i grew up in a moderately comfortable middle-class family. i never dreamed i would be as close to home less as this past year. >> the protection from [unintelligible] does its strengths lie in constant change? a classical actress and president of the queen's own society today about it. english society. america is supposed to be the land of opportunity. it must feel like anything but that for those out of work. the federal took measures to stimulate the of economy, warning growth is likely to be more modest. they times are seeing many middle-class slip towards poverty. our correspondent has been meeting america's new poor. >> a journey to america passed. this was once the which is a place on earth -- richest place on earth. ♪ that gold rush ended and virginia city trains on its heritage, relics and ghosts. t
administrate i don't remember hearing. they have asked us to reconsider our notice of violation and penalty. that will be taking place on august 5th. so we have distinguished between the buildings that were purchased earlier and the buildings that were purchased after that time period. are there new ones they are acquiring since that time? >> not to my knowledge. they could have, but we have not been made aware of buildings they have purchased since. we have been working with them on the signage. we have signage on that. we doo ask that every sign that comes down be veffed with the filing of a building permit. there still are quite a few left to go. there are many more signs that need to go. that is one thing that is significant as well, is our progress in the signed survey. as our director also stated, at the time of the last lapped use hearing we had not received ad quailt information to proceed with the environmental review. at this time the environmental review is proceeding. we had received all the necessary environmental information as well as the transportation informatio
sharing the campaign with louise and i. you really did it with us. labour has always been our friend in the department of public health. we do great things together. that was an amazing victory. thank you for that. the saddest day that i have ever had was the day john died. it was very hard for me. i had never lost anybody who was actively working for me at the time. at one time i had to face the tremendous personal sadness that i felt that losing a friend of mine and i also had to recognize that like any leader of an organization and had to help the organization to get over its in the sense of processing its own feelings, staying true to its job while we were all in morning. laguna honda is a vibrant 24- hour seven day a week operation. you could not stop life to mourn for john. we also had to keep laguna honda running. but at the same time so many of us were bereft of having lost to john. and having to deal with that was extremely challenging. i have a picture of john next to my desk. i will always remember him and his commitment. part of what i had to figure out on that day immedi
is us, it is our wombs, our breast milk and families. our children to thrive in our bodies, unpolluted. the beauty industry and on to the next clean up project, the plastic industry, oil and war industries, too until there are no more toxic chemicals in babies, no more rocket fuel in breast milk or communities burdened by pollution. that is the work before us and that is what we are here to do and thank you so much for joining me for beauty and make joining me for beauty and make over. (music) hello, i'm ivette torres, and welcome to another edition of the road to recovery. today we'll be talking about maintaining resiliency and sustaining recovery. joining us in our panel today are pamela s. hyde, administrator, substance abuse and mental health services administration, u.s. department of health and human services, rockville, maryland; dr. a. thomas mclennan, deputy director, white house office of national drug control policy, washington, d.c.; dr. alexandre laudet, addiction and recovery scientist, new york, new york; james smallwood, founder and ceo, the choice is yours, inc., camde
about words, the impact of words in politics, how we use them, and what a wonderful euphemism for we have. in particular, we are going to talk about the euphemisms we have because my friend paul dickson has written a phrase -- a book called "simply drunk." because that phrase has many different meanings. we will be back with paul on intentions, brewing, and politics after these titles. >> white house chronicle is produced in collaboration with whut, howard university television. and now, the program with nationally syndicated columnist llewellyn king and cohoes, linda gasparello. -- co-host linda gasparello. >> hello and thank you for coming along. of i am joined by linda gasparello on this program and by the remarkable pol pot -- politics and from a man of letters. -- paul dickson, a man of letters. you have written 53 books. >> yes. >> how do you ride 53 and books? that is work. >> if i was a barber and i said to you, i've cut 2 million heads of hair, you would say that is what a barber does. >> when did you start? i have not had a regular job. i have been an independent writer si
of the use of this fuel is cemented. here i have a picture of the rialto. a private developer conversion of vayo solid to energy. -- vayo -- and i think they just finished the selection process, the rfq process, and they are working on an rfp for fun of production. another example of the technology we are looking at, alternative the equipment. we are interested in looking at alternatives that can give us better performance, lower energy means lower maintenance requirements. the driver for considering our alternative is our interest in moving away from chlorine disinfection. not only does it give us environmental benefits that can reduce the production of chlorinated byproducts, also in the past, we have seen large fluctuations of the chemical cost. so that gives us an economic incentive to look at alternatives. we are now considering technology for this. we look at technology 15 years ago but the technology at the time was not economically feasible. we had to build the a large facility with tens of thousands of uv lamps, and it also uses much more energy. now over the last decade, techno
who uses the oil and dive into safety by the middle of 2011. we are delighted to be able to use this opportunity. back in october, we had a ground-breaking ceremony for the project as a whole. we had the speaker of the house nancy pelosi with us. the mayor was here, other dignitaries. at the time, we were looking at the oil drive -- doyle drive. we now have a different project for the 21st century. it is an example of what partnership and inventiveness and the full participation of the amazing community of san francisco residents can do to create a project that is really worthy of the amazing natural setting of the presidio park, the largest urban park in the park system. let me start by making some acknowledgements. we have some speakers who i will introduced in a moment, but i am very pleased to welcome to the event, dan representing the speaker's office. i would also like to have very much thank christine from senator feinstein's office, as well as mega miller, a field representative team for senator boxer. in that knowledge and then come i want to the knowledge and leadershi
and sustaining recovery. joining us in our panel today are pamela s. hyde, administrator, substance abuse and mental health services administration, u.s. department of health and human services, rockville, maryland; dr. a. thomas mclennan, deputy director, white house office of national drug control policy, washington, d.c.; dr. alexandre laudet, addiction and recovery scientist, new york, new york; james smallwood, founder and ceo, the choice is yours, inc., camden, new jersey. pam, how many people in the united states are in recovery? well, the estimates are about 20 million people are in recovery, working on being free of drugs and other-and alcohol. and, alexandre, what is recovery? what are some of the common paths to recovery? well, that's really two different questions. what recovery is, according to people in recovery themselves, is usually, especially for people severely addicted, it is abstinence from drugs and alcohol, as well as significantly-significant improvements in other aspects that constitute quality of life, such as employment, social relationships, mental health, phys
/pacific. it is so important to me. i know it is to all of you. to start us off right away, i want to say please welcome a wonderful performer. she will give up her heart and soul. she is going to sing our national anthem. would you please give a warm welcome. [applause] >> ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last g leaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous nighfight o'er the ramparts we watched waere so gallantly streaming and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursing in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [applause] >> that was beautiful. beautiful. wasn't that beautiful? by the way, she gives her talents and many community organizations around the bay area. she is with the sand francisco friends of samoa. that is her heritage. her family came from samoa. she gives her time and voice to a lot of community groups across the bay area. thank you for that beautiful and thumb. thank you. he
for the university to complete with us. we were also informed that the department may issue notices the of violation with respect to properties, and in current use and in those identified in the i.m. p. so just briefly what's happened since then, the letter was sent, the department has convened a coordinated interdevelopmental task force. i jeffrey -- i just need to give christine credit for thfment they have visited all academy properties and all the code violations -- not just about the planning code but the city's code with respect to building code and fire code and all that. they have a detailed report on that. all outstanding environmental information has been transferred to us. we now have sufficient information to proceed twt e.i. r. we expect in the nex few months we will have the notice and scoping period for the e.i.r. to proceed. i know you have had concerns about housing. the housing that is within three different types of use classifications for the code. one is tourist hotels and then there are residential hotels. a third are regular apartment buildings. we think the housing concerns a
the way we use and produce energy in the united states and building toward a new energy economy. it is of tremendous importance, the way we produce energy and the way we use it, to the navy and marine corps because how we power our ships and our aircraft fundamentally about national security, just as energy reform for the country at large is about energy independence, national security, as well as about economic development and job creation. here on treasure island is -- as the mayor so eloquently pointed out, there is an opportunity to demonstrate what happens when sustainable development and sustainable usage is considered from the very beginning of a project. here on treasure island, there is an opportunity to build a working model of the president's new energy future, and because of the leadership of the public servants who stand here today, i look forward to seeing that model become an example for the rest of the country to follow. thank you so much for being with us today. it is my incredible honor and pleasure to introduce to you your native daughter, the speaker of the u
. the united states doesn't like this. it wants to see iran weakened. it wants us to take orders from them. >> narrator: iran wants to extend its influence across the middle east. the bush administration says not on its watch. >> we're sending clear messages to friends and adversaries alike: we'll keep the sea lanes open, and we'll stand with others to prevent iran from gaining nuclear weapons and dominating this region. >> narrator: two days after cheney's visit, iran's president visited american allies in the gulf and called on the u.s. to pack up and go home. >> iran and the u.s. are now locked in a very dangerous game of each trying to appear harder than the other side and get the other side to blink first. but there is a threshold when this kind of an indirect game of cat-and-mouse will become an outright direct confrontation. >> narrator: late this summer, frontline traveled to iran to learn the roots of the regime's new confidence and how it has found itself on a collision course with the bush administration. outside friday prayers in downtown tehran, a possible war with america was
instead of a body in a bed. care that involves talking to us, and more important, listening to us, hearing our voices. so many have worked so hard, has you have been told -- as you have been told, to bring the state to pass. and now we have a dazzling new setting to present to you. when you leave today, you will be going home. but laguna honda residents will not be leaving. this is our home. and it is very important to us. we are already here. but please come back and visit us frequently. this wonderful new laguna honda would not exist without you. i just want to add a personal note. my younger sister, emily, was a resident here for many more years than i have been. she was greatly loved. we lost her recently. i would like to dedicate this speech to her and remembered her, as many of the residents do, with great fondness and affection. thank you all. [applause] >> i would like to invite you all nowi that good enough? this is a participatory ribbon cutting. it requires nothing more complicated than this. i will ask you to count down, not up. upon conclusion, we will applaud the great works
and construction on this project, you are adding to the burden of fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide uses. that's heading us toward odd tipping points. the units, we should try to receipt fit them. the components that can be receipt fitted, that's where you get an energy savings without having to do the reconstruction. it is not easy, but it is what needs to happen. another big factor, especially that the green party is concerned about is that we keep going forward with projects like this where a large segment of the community that the project is going into does not agree with it. we need more consensus on this project it moves forward. overall for the whole thing, both for community consensus, for protecting rent control and for dealing with the c.o. 2rks budget that will be higher at the front if we don't go this better, as was said at the planning commissions, we need this not to be a 30-year monster, we need this to be phased in so development can be done in more sensible ways so we can save the rent control so we can avoid demolishing stuff so we can receipt fit it instead. so we can recei
merging history's coming together. what would we look like if we carry our history with us? all of the merging of cultures, reflected in our address? i am thinking of my own history with early europeans coming in and intermixing with native cultures. the one thing i would like people to take away from after seeing my work is a sense of wonder and who we are as americans. that we are really these beautiful mixes of people and we should really be looking backwards at who we are. i think we are all kind of historians in our own life, and there are great presidents behind us -- president behind us that could give us insight into who we are. >> oliver road trip on her website. check at often. new experiences will be added after every stop. [music] hello, i'm ivette torres, and welcome to another edition of the road to recovery. today we're talking about medication-assisted therapy and the whole person approach to treatment. joining us in our panel today are: dr. h. westley clark, u.s. department of health and human services, substance abuse and mental health services administration,
in copenhagen, the status of the car has changed. people are not used to having cars anymore. they sometimes use a car and go to a car sharing club or something. it is socially acceptable to cycle. 30, 40 years ago, you would maybe be seen as a loser if he came on a bicycle, -- if you came on a bicycle, but now it is for everybody. everyone is cycling. it is not, the former generation in the 60's, denmark, they could afford to buy a car and they really enjoyed it. they wanted to show it, and all trips they made or made by cars, the the new generation has a completely different view. >> i already gave my answer during my presentation. it is everything, especially if it is business or businessmen, it is money driven. show it is comparative in cost or it is less cost for business. because if you show that, there is a discussion. >> let me ask before i go to the next question, what in your experience the you believe was the most influential and excepting the different stages of the car and its role in the city? i am sure over 40 years, your attitudes toward the automobile have changed. what do you b
will be running away from us. when you come after four weeks, you will be relaxed tomorrow is the beginning of the holy ramadan for the muslim people are would like to say to every muslim that lives here, happy ramadan. tomorrow, many of us will be passed -- the fasting. that is our religion. but like to present my city, of my country, the people that i loved and you are one of them. i worry about you. you worry about me, i'd worry about you. i never feel that i am different. i never feel that i'm different than any supervisor because i believe we are family and we are family. god bless you and bless everyone. take care. >> good afternoon, supervisors do not except money from the friends of the foundation. usually i come here to speak to the audience. today, i want to address the supervisors. on occasion, president chu says that this slows down businesses. this is a very poor reason but slowing things might be good. the reason that expressions of approval of disapproval are discouraged because they are inconsistent with 8 the liberty of body which must show respect for the minority opinion.
could join us. here are your updates. >>> japan's economy trade industry ministry plans to introduce an increase to help businesses such as lithium ion battery makers. the ministry will ask for $350 million to support businesses that can help japan achieve a 25% cut in emissions. it will subsidize up to half the capital investments of companies making eco-friendly items such as lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicles and l.e.d. lights that raid yacht less heat. the ministry will request $175 million to help firms that export power plants and other infrastructure to emerging economies. it will also ask the ministry of finance to further deliberate on taxing fossil fuel. the proposed tax aims to secure funds to develop measures against global warming. >>> chilean authorities have started sending food, water and other supplies to the 33 miners trapped underground since the cave-in on august 5th. they're about 700 meters below the surface near the city of copiapo. all the miners have been confirmed alive on sunday when a memo was sent to the surface during a search operation. it
et the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. for almost anything, even local charities. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to 100% fiber optics. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. visit >> good morning. welcome to this week in defense news. one of the leaders of the congressionally mandated independent defense review panel tells us what the administration's defense review didn't. we will hear from the air force chief scientist on the critical technologies they need to maintain their edge. first active servicemen and women alcohol drug overdoses have nearly tripled according to a military times analysis of 14,000 cas
. it is a world-class mixed use housing development, the opportunity to put over 900,000 square feet of new retail in the sites. a new hotel will be out here, along with 2.5 million square feet of research and development space to anchored this item. we are trying to provide a catalyst for the green technology revolution, the entire state and country, and over $83 million set aside for community dollars. we have said strong to vote for this project led by incredible work, faith, competency, and devotion for half their life. sophie maxwell deserves some credit for steering this process along to all of you here. >> thank you all for all of you have done. we have to continue to be vigilant. yes, we have got a good plan, but we all have to be there to make sure it happens. thank you. >> $84 million will go to pay and assistance loans and other commitments, all kinds of commitments codified in this legislation, including commitments that are part of this project. community leaders, faith based leaders making this possible. i can honestly go on. it is not intentional, it is just limiting our amount of t
to the taxpayers, support us, but we will also support you. we are going to do the right thing. we are going to make sure we spend your money wisely, and this is what it will cost. all the experts agree this is what it will cost. not anymore. we do not necessarily know how to make it any less, but here is an actual number, and the results speak for themselves. 84% of the people supported the biggest general obligation bond in our city's history because they thought, i think, respected. they felt like city government was telling them the truth. there was no opposition to this bond because you could not oppose it unless you did not want to spend any more money. but you could not argue against the analysis. you could not argue against the due diligence, and i think that is an important lesson. i think this day represents an important statement of fact and commitment to the people of san francisco, that they will support things we could never have imagined supporting as long as we tell them the truth, as long as we are honest with people, as long as we are transparent, as long as we owned up, so
the school bookstore. a high school textbook purchased new costs on average $70. the u.s. general accounting office says the average college student can expect to spend $898 for textbooks every year., an online textbook supplier, offers textbook rentals for a fraction of the cost. the website claims to have saved american students a quarter million dollars. >> the experience is great. >> its ceo is a familiar face in technology. former chief operating officer of yahoo! his most recent job, head of guitar hero division. so dan spent several years distracting kids from their homework. now he's selling them books to do their homework. this is his second trip here. and sarah lacey of tech crunch. it's not a quarter million dollars. it's a quarter billion dollars. >> right. >> how can you be saving that much money? >> all the taverns that are on campus. >> how is it possible you are able to save that kind of money that some other organizations cannot? >> it's the simplicity of the model, which is kids have been paying high prices for new books and even high prices for used books. if you
president maxwell: welcome to land use. i am it chairs sophie maxwell, and i am joined by supervisor david chiuy. -- chiu. madam clerk: please turn off your cell phones. president maxwell: all right, item no. 1. madam clerk: approving a street encroachment at lake merced. >> good afternoon. i am john from the department of public works. what we have is a request to install a sign on lake merced boulevard. currently, there are signs that are placed within the property not. what the owners want to install is a corresponding sign that will mimic the sign they currently have in the right of way along the boulevard. this has been reviewed by city agencies, the planning department, in your commission, and they of all approved it. it is now left for board review and evaluation. president maxwell: all right. thank you. you know why they want more signage? >> this is just more to identify that community. president maxwell: all right. thank you. colleagues, any comments or questions? any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed, and if there is no object
earth, yahoo maps. microsoft. those are examples of on line mapping systems that can be used to find businesses or get driving directions or check on traffic conditions. all digital maps. >> gis is used in the city of san francisco to better support what departments do. >> you imagine all the various elements of a city including parcels and the critical infrastructure where the storm drains are. the city access like the traffic lights and fire hydrants. anything you is represent in a geo graphic space with be stored for retrieval and analysis. >> the department of public works they maintain what goes on in the right-of-way, looking to dig up the streets to put in a pipe. with the permit. with mapping you click on the map, click on the street and up will come up the nchgz that will help them make a decision. currently available is sf parcel the assessor's application. you can go to the assessor's website and bring up a map of san francisco you can search by address and get information about any place in san francisco. you can search by address and find incidents of crime in san fra
captioning institute >> u.s. marines and helicopters have arrived in pakistan to assist in flood relief. help will likely be needed for some time. the u.n. says that dams are close to bursting and could cause renewed destruction. the president of pakistan made his first visit to affected areas on thursday. >> it was a small but symbolic gesture. the president helped distribute aid at a relief camp for flood victims in the south of the country. the president's first trip to deluged areas follows public outcry after his reluctance to cut short a tour abroad. what people see as a slow government response to the crisis. nearly two weeks after the disaster began to unfold, tens of thousands of pakistanis remain cut off from supplies, food drops the only hope of sustenance. the u.n. has issued an emergency appeal for aid as the scope of the destruction becomes clear. >> a lot of us have not understood the scale of this disaster. it is horrendous. it is going to put us back so many years that we are not even starting on the infrastructure. >> in northwestern pakistan, the flood
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 8,988 (some duplicates have been removed)